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FOR SALE by owner

West Hurley Veitnam 1927A1

Case and mag included

All ATF/NFA rules apply


American Historical Society Vietnam Commemerative Auto Ordnance Thompson 1927A1 Deluxe Tommy Gun

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Vietnam Commerative Thompson--Limited Edition.
Made by Auto Ordinance Corporation---West Hurley, N.Y.
ssued by The American Historical  Foundation, Richmond, Va.
The following are some of the engravings on the gun
1. For the survival and success of Liberty
2. Ours was in truth a noble cause.
3.Meet any hardship, support any friend
4. In honor of the Vietnam War
5In lasting memory of those who served.
6  also an engraved American Flag

Purchase inquires...Please Contact US and we will forward your information directly to the owner. Please indicate in the contact form that you are inquiring about V1176



Additional information on this Thompson will be added as necessary. Information provided is the responsiblity of the seller. iDamon.net in no way assumes responsibility for the information provided. Gun is for sale directly buy the seller and is the sellers and buyers responsibility to know and obey all laws pertaining to the sale of this firearm. Federal law requires the transfer through licensend dealers in most instances.


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